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A1 Grade
A2 Grade
A3 Grade
A4 Grade
U16 Grade
U14 Grade North
U12 Grade Division 1
U14 Grade South
U14 Grade
U12 Grade Division 2
U12 Division 3
1 Andrews, WesleySouth Gawler Cricket Club01000000000000
2 Rathjen, ScottAngaston Cricket Club10000000000000
3 Nitschke, GrahamGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
4 Fuller, JoshGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
5 Murray, David WGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
6 Goern, DavidGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
7 Reincke, RyanGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
8 Verne, BenGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
9 Lacey, Rhys GNuriootpa Cricket Club00000000100000
10 Clarridge, GeorgeLyndoch Cricket Club00000000100000
11 Kurtz, AaronAngaston Cricket Club10000000000000
12 Richardson, Neil PNuriootpa Cricket Club01000000000000
13 Murch, Randal MSouth Gawler Cricket Club00010000000000
14 Tanti, Benjamin RLyndoch Cricket Club00000000100000
15 Golder, David JSouth Gawler Cricket Club10000000000000
16 Robinson, Matthew JLyndoch Cricket Club00000000100000
17 STEINBORNER, Luke ANuriootpa Cricket Club00000000100000
18 Redmond, Dael WSouth Gawler Cricket Club10000000000000
19 Morrish, Anthony JAngaston Cricket Club00100000000000
20 Doecke, Daniel SNuriootpa Cricket Club00000000100000
21 Burge, Trent HLyndoch Cricket Club00000000100000
22 McCard, Robert RSouth Gawler Cricket Club10000000000000
23 Woodards, Brett PAngaston Cricket Club10000000000000
24 Barker, Riley TSouth Gawler Cricket Club10000000000000
25 Bain, GregAngaston Cricket Club10000000000000
26 Barker, Brodie NSouth Gawler Cricket Club10000000000000
27 Ahern, Jacob XSouth Gawler Cricket Club10000000000000
28 O'Dowd, BenNuriootpa Cricket Club01000000000000
29 Recourt, JacksonSouth Gawler Cricket Club10000000000000
30 Miles, Jack EAngaston Cricket Club10000000000000
31 Fenwick, NSouth Gawler Cricket Club01000000000000
32 Graser, Chris LSouth Gawler Cricket Club10000000000000
33 Cameron, Clayton WSouth Gawler Cricket Club01000000000000
34 WHITE, P GSouth Gawler Cricket Club00010000000000
35 Goulding, NathanLyndoch Cricket Club00000000100000
36 Goulding, ShaunLyndoch Cricket Club00000000100000
37 Van Den Ham, JamieEudunda/Robertstown Cricket Club00000001000000
38 Bramberger, LucasAngaston Cricket Club10000000000000
39 Impett, Tony RSouth Gawler Cricket Club00010000000000
40 Muirhead, RyanLyndoch Cricket Club00000000100000
41 Lade, L CAngaston Cricket Club10000000000000
42 PLUSH, Jason AAngaston Cricket Club00100000000000
43 Gerhardy, JonathonNuriootpa Cricket Club01000000000000
44 Burgess, Ben SAngaston Cricket Club10000000000000
45 Burgess, BrettAngaston Cricket Club10000000000000
46 Pech, NickAngaston Cricket Club00100000000000
47 Lewis, NelsonEudunda/Robertstown Cricket Club00000001000000
48 Henschke, GregNuriootpa Cricket Club01000000000000
49 ROBERTS, JasperSandy Creek Cricket Club00010000000000
50 Roberts, HudsonSandy Creek Cricket Club00000000001000
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Total Records: 160   Page: 1 of 4   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4]>Next
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