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A1 Grade
A2 Grade
A3 Grade
A4 Grade
U16 Grade
U14 Grade North
U12 Grade Division 1
U14 Grade South
U14 Grade
U12 Grade Division 2
U12 Division 3
1 01000000000000
2 McGann, JohnAngaston Cricket Club00000001000000
3 Sires, TroyKapunda Cricket Club10000000000000
4 Clarke, DavidAngaston Cricket Club00000001000000
5 Andrews, WesleySouth Gawler Cricket Club01000000000000
6 Crothers, AlistairGawler Central Cricket Club00000000100000
7 Rathjen, ScottAngaston Cricket Club10000000000000
8 Johnson, PhilNuriootpa Cricket Club00100000000000
9 Nitschke, GrahamGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
10 McClaren, MaxGreenock Cricket Club00000001000000
11 Wendt, MarkGreenock Cricket Club00000001000000
12 Semmler, TysonGreenock Cricket Club00000001000000
13 Fuller, JoshGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
14 Hampel, KymGreenock Cricket Club00000001000000
15 Loffler, BrettGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
16 Murray, David WGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
17 Ferrier, MarkGreenock Cricket Club00000000100000
18 Nitschke, SamGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
19 Goern, DavidGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
20 Reincke, RyanGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
21 Verne, BenGreenock Cricket Club00100000000000
22 Semmler, JoelGreenock Cricket Club00000001000000
23 Keller, SamuelGreenock Cricket Club00000000100000
24 Johnson, BrettKapunda Cricket Club10000000000000
25 O'Reilly, PaulKapunda Cricket Club10000000000000
26 Ryan, SamKapunda Cricket Club10000000000000
27 Trotta, DamienKapunda Cricket Club01000000000000
28 Menzel, DannyKapunda Cricket Club01000000000000
29 Ryan, ChrisKapunda Cricket Club01000000000000
30 Van Dissel, Richard MKapunda Cricket Club00000001000000
31 Ryan, MattKapunda Cricket Club10000000000000
32 Lacey, Rhys GNuriootpa Cricket Club00000000100000
33 Summerton, AaronFreeling Cricket Club10000000000000
34 Kurtz, AaronAngaston Cricket Club10000000000000
35 Murphy, AaronAngaston Cricket Club00000000100000
36 Boehm, BradleyLight Pass Cricket Club00100000000000
37 Waechter, DaleLight Pass Cricket Club00000001000000
38 Mattner, MatthewLight Pass Cricket Club00000000100000
39 Schiller, RyanLight Pass Cricket Club00100000000000
40 Davies, SimonLight Pass Cricket Club00100000000000
41 Fowler, StevenGreenock Cricket Club00000001000000
42 Gladigau, TimLight Pass Cricket Club00000000100000
43 Rowbottom, TimLight Pass Cricket Club00100000000000
44 Schwarz, TomLight Pass Cricket Club00000001000000
45 Bartel, Cliffton BGilbert Valley Cricket Club00000001000000
46 Hansen, ScottGreenock Cricket Club00010000000000
47 Schrapel, SeanLight Pass Cricket Club00000000100000
48 DeGregorio, JimGawler Central Cricket Club00010000000000
49 Richardson, Neil PNuriootpa Cricket Club01000000000000
50 Norman, Brian KLight Pass Cricket Club00000000100000
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Total Records: 770   Page: 1 of 16   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.